It's not starting very well...

A customer complained that their bike was difficult to start after they'd relocated the starter solenoid.  After having a look at the wiring between the solenoid and starter my suspicions were aroused by the heatshrink hiding a knot of wire.

Stripping the heatshrink from the join revealed a knot of twisted wire and a smear of solder.  Given that the inrush current is around 300A when the start button is pressed, and a constant draw of 70A when the motor is turning I'm not surpised the bike was difficult to start.  This was due to the voltage drop from the resitance in the join from the dirty wire and poor physical connection.  It could also overheat because of the resistance in the joint and the current being passed through the cable.

Fixing this was just a case of replacing the starter cable and crimping on the appropriate sized lugs. 

Bad Starter Cable 1 motorcycle wiring specialist in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire

Bad Starter Cable  at motorcycle wiring specialist in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire



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