V-Moto ST4 Cafe Racer at Motorcycle Live...

V-moto has trusted MWS with providing quality motorcycle wiring to compliment the high standard of their bike builds.   Over the last few years Viv Cowley has created some of the best custom bikes often featured in publications and shows.   Bikes such as his Spirit of Curtiss ABC Engined special and the ever growing stable of Ducati Cafe Racers have received high praise for their engineering excellence and visual appeal.  Even the likes of Agostini have been wowed by his work.

Viv uses a select group of suppliers who compliment his high standards.  MWS is proud to have provided custom motorcycle wiring services to Viv.  So if you're in the London area and want to check out one of his stuning bikes and MWS' wiring, pop down to the Excel Centre.

V-Moto ABC Engined Special with Motorcycle Wiring Specialists

V-Moto ST2 Cafe Racer with Motorcycle Wiring Specialists



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