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As well as fitting custom motorcycle wiring, we’re proud to announce that MWS are now offering a secure 24/7 facility for motorcycle storage in Gloucestershire. This is perfect for customers based in the county, as well as Herefordshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire. Both long and short-term storage is available. Make MWS your first port of call to look after your pride and joy.

How much does secure motorcycle storage in Gloucestershire cost?

One to Four Weeks £20.00 Per week.

Five weeks and above £17.50 Per week.

Plus £20 Check in/out admin charge.

(no VAT)

See FAQs for more details

Call MWS on +44 (0)1242 681 056



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Monitored Alarm System

Our facility for motorcycle storage in Gloucestershire is secure and equipped with a Police response alarm. Your bike is safe with us!

motorcycle wiring specialist in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire on site CCTV examples including cameras locks and mobile activation

On-Site CCTV

Your bike will be under surveillance 24/7, thus ensuring that any activity on-site is recorded and that nothing goes un-seen.

motorcycle wiring specialist in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire mechanic filling out insurance form next to motorcycle custom body and wiring

Fully Insured

Our facility has full insurance which covers your bike in the unlikely event of theft or damage.




Individual Bays

Each bike in our facility has its own designated bay, complete with locks and covers.



The facility is humidity controlled, helping reduce rust and corrosion. Your bike should come out in exactly the same condition as when it went in.



MOTs and recommissioning can be arranged off-site.

Email us for more information at






Ensure the safety of your pride and joy with our secure facility for motorcycle storage in Gloucestershire. Fill out our booking form today to confirm your place!





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  What is the longest time I can store a motorcycle?

You can store your motorcycle with MWS for as long as you want to, but dates must be agreed prior to storage. We understand that things change, so dates can be amended.

  What is the shortest time I can store a motorcycle?

The shortest time you can store a motorcycle at MWS is one week.

  How soon am I able to collect my motorcycle from storage?

MWS need 24-hours’ notice of collection during working hours: 8:30am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday, 10:00am to 3:00pm Saturdays, Public holidays excluded.

  Is my bike covered by insurance?

Yes, MWS has full insurance. Please see the terms and conditions of storage for more details. MWS recommends you have your own insurance in place as well.

  How much does it cost to store a motorcycle?

MWS charge £20 per week for the first 4 weeks then £17.50 per week there after (no VAT). There is a £20 check-in and check-out fee. The first 4 weeks and check-in fee are payable in advance, after which you will be billed monthly, in advance. Payment by direct debit is preferred.

  Do I get a refund if I collect my bike early?

Yes of course. If you decide to collect your bike early MWS will refund any fees to the nearest full week. For example: Paid for one week and collect after 3 days no refund (one week is the minimum term). Paid for four weeks and collect after 2 weeks and 3 days, one week refund.

  What security do you have?

MWS take great care to ensure the premises are secure including: police response alarm, physical security, on-site CCTV and, security patrol after hours.

  Can you guarantee my motorcycle won’t deteriorate during storage?

MWS takes the greatest care to ensure your motorcycle is stored in the best conditions. The facility has background heating and a dehumidifier, set to 55% rh, to ensure rusting and condensation is kept to a minimum. It is not, however, a guarantee, but we endeavour to do our best.

  How do I prepare my motorcycle for storage?

Please see our guide.

  Do you periodically run the engine?

No, MWS does not have the facility to do this. Short-term running of the engine may cause condensation to form inside the crank case and gearbox. Note, under our insurance terms the motorcycle must be defueled and battery disconnected.

  Do you provide a collection service?

At present, MWS does not provide this service, but we can refer you to motorcycle couriers who can collect and deliver your motorcycle.

  Do you provide MOT and recommissioning services?

MWS does not have onsite workshop facilities. Local 3rd-party independent motorcycle workshops can be recommended. Note, it is the customers responsibility to ensure the 3rd-party provider’s services are fit for purpose.



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